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Price Brothers Construction has been building distinguished homes in Ocean City, NJ for more than 30 years. Owners, Bill Price and his son, Ryan, are hands-on craftsmen who possess experience and knowledge separating them from any other residential/commercial builder in the South Jersey area.

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Elegant woodwork, such as coffered ceilings, shiplap, built-ins, and wainscoting are what make a home stand out from the rest.

A Price Brother Construction home emanates quality from its foundation to the finished home and everything in between. Elegant woodwork, such as coffered ceilings, shiplap, built-ins, and wainscoting are what make a home stand out from the rest. Our attention to detail is just as important to us as it is to our clients.

We take pride in the fact that we are onsite, hammering nails, on each project we take on. Not many general contractors can say the same these days. Our team of exceptional carpenters do the trim and finish work which makes the interior of our homes exemplary.

We have maintained our quality of work by collaborating with local architects and employing reputable subcontractors and local suppliers involved during all construction phases. Many subs have been with us for 5, 10, even 20 years. This reliable relationship has resulted in a consistent product for all involved in any project.

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We would love to help you build your dream shore home. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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 We appreciate the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail. Some of the unique custom features that truly provide surprise and delight would never have happened. Without it, the signature house feature – the 2nd floor cupola with tongue and groove ceiling and exposed beams would never have come to be.  The custom cabinets would not have precisely matched (shape, molding feature, and paint) the standard cabinets. The ‘hidden door’ would have been just another item.  Without your special ‘nailer’ technique, the crown molding and coffered ceilings would have developed gaps and separated over time.

We could have never imagined the time it took to do the hand finishing on the cedar shakes to make every corner match up.  In addition, despite the great architectural plans, there are always minor design challenges that need to be addressed onsite. Thank goodness Bill worked onsite everyday to handle these issues. We were impressed with many of the ‘finishing touches’ –  the ability to hide heating and air conditioning routing, the sneaky placement of covers and accesses, and the practicality of bead board in the stair well…all touches that only come with experience and practical living.

– Patti & Meade Rudasill | Ocean City, NJ

 Having grown up in a South Jersey contractors family, there are two qualities we look for in a contractor, craftsmanship and integrity. When looking for a contractor to build our home in Ocean City, NJ we found both of these qualities in the Price Brothers. They were accessible and prompt when we had questions and they completed our home in the time frame promised. We highly recommend them to build or renovate your home. 

– Susan & John Garofola | Ocean City, NJ

Having personally worked for another leading Ocean City long-standing general contractor in Ocean City during my high school and college vacations I know first hand what goes on behind the scenes during all phases of new construction from foundation, to framing, to mechanical systems, to trim and finishing. Subsequently I performed over 3,000 engineered home inspections and then obtained my Brokers license granting me privy to thousands of Ocean City property sales transactions. Needless to say as a result I’ve been around the block with real estate a few times from almost every possible perspective for the vast majority of my life.

One of our most recent ventures was to build several new construction beachfront duplexes in the Southend of Ocean City. I was not personally familiar with any Price Brothers Construction projects but was introduced to several of their new construction projects and must honestly say without any equivocation that I was in awe of the shear quality of their work. I consider it to be “museum quality” of the highest order whereby each and every detail had been anticipated, and executed to the highest degree possible.

– John & Deborah Hay | Ocean City, NJ

With any homebuilding process, along the way there are highs and lows…. “drama” and stress…. hurdles and complex issues that can arise. What’s most important (relative to all of that “noise”) is that a customer feels like their builder is a true partner in the process…. a partner that “has their back”, acts as a steady hand to guide them to the best solutions, and cares for the end product as if it was their own…. and that’s exactly what we would tell any prospective customer they get with the Price family. The Price team takes the time to listen, monitors every inch of the product, does WHATEVER it takes to “make it right”, and cares about the customer beyond “settlement day”.

– The Berman Family | Ocean City, NJ

We picked Price Bros. to build our custom home because of their reputation and attention to quality. They not only lived up to their reputation, they exceeded it. The quality and attention to detail in our home is unsurpassed, due to the fact that their sub contractors are all very good and because either Dick or Bill Price are always on the job site (“hands on”). When our home was finished we never had any problem getting them back to fix any issues (which were very few). We were in Florida during a lot of the construction and Dick and Bill made decisions that were better than we would have made!

– Richard & Debbie Booth | Ocean City, NJ

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