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Below you will find some kind words from letters we have received upon completing some of our projects.

John & Deborah Hay | Ocean City, NJ

New Construction! Thank you so much!!!

Having personally worked for another leading Ocean City long-standing general contractor in Ocean City during my high school and college vacations I know first hand what goes on behind the scenes during all phases of new construction from foundation, to framing, to mechanical systems, to trim and finishing. Subsequently I performed over 3,000 engineered home inspections and then obtained my Brokers license granting me privy to thousands of Ocean City property sales transactions. Needless to say as a result I’ve been around the block with real estate a few times from almost every possible perspective for the vast majority of my life.

One of our most recent ventures was to build several new construction beachfront duplexes in the Southend of Ocean City. I was not personally familiar with any Price Brothers Construction projects but was introduced to several of their new construction projects and must honestly say without any equivocation that I was in awe of the shear quality of their work. I consider it to be “museum quality” of the highest order whereby each and every detail had been anticipated, and executed to the highest degree possible.

Time and time again, knowing the “norm” for Ocean City standards, I was shocked to see something extra that either Dick or Bill [Price] or any of their trusted team of sub-contractors had delivered above and beyond the call of duty, not even called for in our contractual specifications. In every case they succeeded in exceeding our expectations, during which time we had many changes, upgrades, delays due to our indecisions, unexpected twists and turns, nothing could distract or discourage Price Brothers Construction from graciously, dogmatically, and meticulously forging forward. I don’t think that we were the typical owners as we agonized over many time-critical decisions without anything but the highest levels of professionalism in return.

I apologize for such a long endorsement but in closing what remains prominent in our experience with Price Brothers Construction is the added value they created. Time and time again, over the course of marketing the property to prospective buyers, the operative word was always the same “wow, who was the builder?”

The reason for Price Brothers Construction success is simple. Either one or the other brothers, either Dick Price or Bill Price, or one of their “full time” crew were always on the job supervising every detail. Typically, I know first hand from experience, the GC [general contractor] drives by the job-site and waves and shouts out the window “when are you gonna be done.”

Secondarily, over the years the brothers have enlisted a dedicated and loyal group of specialists who they work with year after year as a team. We had been used to working with “our” set of sub-contractors, but reluctantly [at the time] agreed to allow Price Brothers Construction to utilize “their” hand-picked team of specialists, only later to realize their wisdom in commanding the select few sub-contractors over which they have total control and benefit of a team approach.

Going a step further, there is value in dealing with reputable, honest, reasonable folks like Dick and Bill who are willing to “give and take” over time knowing that the best laid plans oft(en) go astray and when the rubber hits the road it’s always better to work together than against each other, for which we can not thank Price Brothers Construction enough.

Professional Service is not expensive. 
. . . . it’s Priceless.

Richard & Debbie Booth | Ocean City, NJ

This is a letter of recommendation for Price Brothers Construction.

We picked Price Bros. to build our custom home because of their reputation and attention to quality. They not only lived up to their reputation, they exceeded it. The quality and attention to detail in our home is unsurpassed, due to the fact that their sub contractors are all very good and because either Dick or Bill Price are always on the job site (“hands on”). When our home was finished we never had any problem getting them back to fix any issues (which were very few). We were in Florida during a lot of the construction and Dick and Bill made decisions that were better than we would have made!

If you choose Price Bros you will not be disappointed as they will surpass your expectations!

Patti & Meade Rudasill | Ocean City, NJ

Dear Bill and Dick:

Thanks for building a superior quality home at a great price.  While maybe not the absolute cheapest, but certainly no where near the most expensive, the quality construction, craftsmanship, project management, service, and flexibility were beyond comparison.  As others shared with us, you are in a league of your own.

As you know, we have built a number of homes in the past and had sworn off doing it again because of builders getting spoiled with a booming economy and not valuing the client.  However, we would do it again…only with you… in a heartbeat.

We appreciate the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail. Some of the unique custom features that truly provide surprise and delight would never have happened. Without it, the signature house feature – the 2nd floor cupola with tongue and groove ceiling and exposed beams would never have come to be.  The custom cabinets would not have precisely matched (shape, molding feature, and paint) the standard cabinets. The ‘hidden door’ would have been just another item.  Without your special ‘nailer’ technique, the crown molding and coffered ceilings would have developed gaps and separated over time.

We could have never imagined the time it took to do the hand finishing on the cedar shakes to make every corner match up.  In addition, despite the great architectural plans, there are always minor design challenges that need to be addressed onsite. Thank goodness Bill worked onsite everyday to handle these issues. We were impressed with many of the ‘finishing touches’ –  the ability to hide heating and air conditioning routing, the sneaky placement of covers and accesses, and the practicality of bead board in the stair well…all touches that only come with experience and practical living.

We appreciate the service and relationship focus of your business.  Inevitably clients want to make changes along the way.  You were flexible and made it comfortable for us.  In fact, your creativity helped with the living room and fireplace layouts, closet configurations, stair placement, and height clearances.  The advice on the cabana was invaluable. Steering us toward the right subs made the whole process not only easy, but saved us money and aggravation.

We appreciate you ‘having our backs” with the city and the subs.  We totally felt like we could trust that, regardless of any challenges, you would ‘do the right thing’.  We recall the challenges with the elevator inspections and ordinances, the addition of some storage off the 3rd floor deck, the reconfiguring of the 3rd floor railing and entrance.  Without even thinking or asking, you added a header so that all the doors, windows, and molding would align for an appropriate aesthetic appearance.  Also, you clearly held every sub to an incredibly high standard.  The 2nd floor bathroom with vanity and tile not ‘looking right’ could have been a challenge.  Instead, you worked the issue real time with the subs so we didn’t have to get involved. Bill, you jumped right in when the radiant heat installer wasn’t giving us the respect due owners… and you (physically) stood by my side.  Thanks!

I am glad we took the time understand your bid (and that you were more than willing to take the time to explain any items) because your base price included so many higher quality items – like, the way you ‘back’ and attached your crown molding, the rough framing detail, the extra nailer space for sheetrock, and the paint matching the cabinets. Your price included high quality doors & windows…a must down here at the beach. And when we had our ‘idiosyncrasies’ you let us bring in our own choices and just credited us for those items. You made the whole process easy from start to finish. 

So, for all of the above & more not even said (this letter is long enough), we will always recommend Price Bros. as the only builders to use!  If any potential clients would like to give us a call or if they would like to come by and see the house, you know they are always welcome.  Please give them our number.  We’d be glad to talk to anyone.

Thanks for helping us create a legacy…

The Berman Family: Anissa, Abby, Anna, and Bill| Ocean City, NJ


As we hit the one year mark in our new Price Brothers home, we just wanted to send a LONG OVERDUE note of thanks. I think think one of the more important compliments a customer can pay a homebuilder, is to simply say “if we decided to build something new tomorrow, we would build with you”…. and that’s exactly what we’ve told anyone/everyone who asks “who is your builder?”

With any homebuilding process, along the way there are highs and lows…. “drama” and stress…. hurdles and complex issues that can arise. What’s most important (relative to all of that “noise”) is that a customer feels like their builder is a true partner in the process…. a partner that “has their back”, acts as a steady hand to guide them to the best solutions, and cares for the end product as if it was their own…. and that’s exactly what we would tell any prospective customer they get with the Price family. The Price team takes the time to listen, monitors every inch of the product, does WHATEVER it takes to “make it right”, and cares about the customer beyond “settlement day”.

We couldn’t be happier with the home you built for us, we truly appreciate the job you did, and most important- we’re proud to consider you friends.

Thanks so much for a job well done and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if anyone ever asks “is their a customer we can talk to?”

Susan & John Garofola | Ocean City, NJ
To whom it may concern:
Having grown up in a South Jersey contractors family, there are two qualities we looked for in a contractor, craftsmanship and integrity. When looking for a contractor to build our home in Ocean City, we found both of these qualities in the Price Brothers. They were accessible and prompt when we had questions and they completed our home in the time frame promised. We highly recommend them to build or renovate your home. 
Susan and John Garofola
John W. Stauffer | Ocean City, NJ
To Whom It May Concern:
Being the owner of a Price Brothers built home for eleven years, I’d like to take this opportunity to highly recommend them as builders. One could not find a more honest, cooperative and professional builder than the Price Brothers. In 1999, I had a side by side (5 bedrooms each side) condo with an elevator put out to bid to 3 quality builders. The Price Brothers came in low bid and did a wonderful job. They were very concerned with the smallest but important details of the job. Even after completion, they returned to correct minor items without charge. 
Both Price Brothers are fine family men. In fact Dick and Bill’s sons have worked for me during summers making caramel popcorn on the boardwalk. Both were honest, hard workers who did not complain about the heat etc. 
I’d be happy to answer any questions or even show one of the house if it was unoccupied. 
John W. Stauffer, Johnson’s Popcorn
Paul & Mary Ellen King | Ocean City, NJ
Price Brothers Create Memories
The Price Brothers built our family a magnificent custom home, and we are very grateful!
When we started the project, we interviewed six builders. Each one of them wanted to know “who was on the builder list?” We found it so ver interesting that virtually all of the other builders voluntarily commented on the great reputation of the Price Brothers. Some competitors commented on how expensive the Price Brothers are, but we found that they bid our project exceptionally competitvely! Also, the Price Brothers delivered our house a couple weeks ahead of our desired schedule, which was great for us because we were getting ready for a family wedding in Ocean City. 
Both Dick and Bill are expert carpenters and their expertise in this area enables their houses to clearly stand out as very special. Both take great pride in their work and the customer is the beneficiary of this “attention to detail” that produces extraordinary results.
Dick and Bill have many additional complimentary skills. For instance, Bill is very good at suggesting how to enhance an already great design and he regularly made suggestions and took us to other Price homes to show us “something very special” to see if we wanted to include in our home in progress. “Seeing was believing” so these “add on” suggestions were always very enticing. 
We also learned that all contract issues and money discussions, were best done withDick, the expert “administrator” of the project. Dick is also the “closer” and expert “punch list” handler who systematically gets things completed on a timely basis. 
We were impressed with the Price brothers cadre of subcontractors who worked as a carefully coordinated team who keep the project right on schedule. Any project of this size, and complexity, and shockingly high number of decisions is bound to have a few glitches, and we had them too, but we found that outlier issues were resolved quickly and straightforward communications. 
The end result just caused our jaws to drop with sheer pride…WOW…that is OUR HOME! No doubt many generations of our family will enjoy it for many years to come! Thank you Dick and Bill Price!
Paul and Mary Ellen King

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